Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Halloween Bows

I am doing a contest for a blog in October and these are the three bows that are being given away to winners. The blog is http://hail2thesnowqueen.blogspot.com if you want to go check it out and enter to win. If you want to just order one the prices are as listed below. Three layers $7.00
Three layers, furry center $8.00
Three layers, headband $8.00 ($7 plus headband $1)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

BOY binki chain

I made this for a gift for a friends little boy. It has velcro to interchange the binki's.

Tag Blankets

I made this for my baby and she LOVES it. It has been perfect to snuggle with but not too warm for the summer heat. She loves to play with the ribbons. $15.00 per blanket. Can be made in any color great for girls and boys!!!

more bows

This is a bow made for my cousin Katie for a baby gift.
Top glitter grosgrain, bottom polka dot sheer.
Bottom Satin, top sheer, butterfly embellishment Bottom sheer, top grosgrain, flower embellishment
Headband wrapped in pink satin, both layers sheer.