Monday, June 15, 2009

binki bibs

Binki Chains Binki bibs
Can be made in any color
Flannel with chamois on reverse


  1. You are so creative! These are all so cute. I will definitely order some for my granddaughters. I'll tell my friends about your site. Good Luck!

  2. love the binki bib. too bad i have no babies right now...or is it really too bad? ha ha. jk. but they look like cute things. i wonder how one of those bows would look on tom. maybe i should just resort to having my boys wear bows and give up on the girl! jk. how would you order these things anyway? i i don't see a spot on here. or prices?

  3. oh oh oh. i see where the info is. you just have to click on the item link on the side. should've navigated the stie a little better before i asked. looks like a fun little business. good luck jess.